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Sehjivi Digital Solutions is a Professional SEO Company India that provides the top SEO Services

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Sehjivi Digital Solutions is a Professional SEO Company India that provides the top SEO services

SEO is an online marketing technique that is used to improve the visibility of a website on a search engine. It is a process of optimizing a website to increase its rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs)

In today’s scenario, SEO is an essential activity for a website rather than just an option. The search engine is application software designed to carry out web searches. Optimization is the process of making the best out of all resources.

Real data on how your competition is doing

We at Sehjivi Digital Solutions explore all the facts where your business competition is on searches.

Explore the ways how to boost traffic on your website

We explore all the ways to boost up the traffic on your website which help to rank top in searches.

How many searchers there are for important keywords

We research all the important keywords which gets high traffic on SERP.

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On Page SEO

On-page seo is the practice of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results and drive organic traffic. The main goal of on-page SEO is to improve the visibility of a website so that it may attract more visitors from the online space, through organic or unpaid search results.
On-Page Seo is also known as on-site SEO. Efforts are made on WebPages to improve its ranking. All the elements of on-page can be controlled. It is an ongoing process.
Off Page SEO
Off-Page, SEO is all of the work that you do to try and improve your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) that are not directly on your website.
Techniques or efforts have been taken outside of the website to increase webpage ranking on SERP (Search engine result pages) . It tells search engines what people think about your website

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Sehjivi Digital Solutions believe in customer satisfaction first.

We have expertise in numerous fields as digital marketing, website design and development, graphic design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click, mobile app development, e mail marketing, content writing, e commerce development, and software development.

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A Basic understanding of the different areas of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and analytics.

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We concentrate on offering a wide variety of localization services to our clientele worldwide. Such services include transcription, translation of various types of documentation pertaining to every sector, websites, software, as well as media including video, audio and live translations.

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24/7 technical support can be beneficial as it provides customers with the peace of mind that they can receive help when they need it, even outside of regular business hours.

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Market Assessment

Identify the new market opportunities and make better business decisions.

Brand Strategy

Build a powerful brand that world talks about and refer to others.

Product Development

Develop innovative offering that customers can adopt quickly.

Digital Marketing

Drive business growth by deploying the best practices for digital marketing.


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